General Health and Safety

Cured composite fibres are generally considered to be a benign material. However Orthotic Composites recommend that general health and safety precautions be taken – especially if grinding composite materials.


Often the ground particles of composite materials can irritate the skin. Glass fibres in particular have a coating on them known as ‘sizing’. This coating helps glass bond to resins but is often irritating when the small ground fibres come in contact with skin.


Carbon fibres are conductive to electricity. Electrical equipment needs to be protected from a build-up of dust fibres and the potential ‘shorting out’ if large quantities of grinding takes place.


Cut or ground edges of composites can sometimes be quite sharp. Handling rough edges with gloves is advisable.


When grinding please use:

  • Safety goggles
  • Dust extraction
  • Latex gloves and firmly fitted arm covering

Material Safety Data Sheets

Material safety data sheets are available via the raw material manufacturer on request. These often refer to the material in its pre-cured state.


Waste raw pre-preg material is recycled by Orthotic Composites. Orthotic Composites will accept discarded Orthotic devices for recycling also.